List of Known Poker Cheaters

Here is a list of known poker cheaters. The people listing here have all been caught cheating, whether it be cheating at online or live poker. In all cases the players listed here are proven to be cheaters, and have not just merely been accused.

List of people caught cheating at poker

We have separated the list into online poker cheaters and live poker cheaters.

Online Poker Cheaters

Sorel Mizzi aka Imper1um: Sorel Mizzi was caught cheating when he was involved in an account selling scandal with Chris Vaughn of Bluff Magazine.

Josh Fields aka JJProdigy: Possibly the most well known online poker cheater, the 16 year old JJProdigy was involved in multi-accounting on Poker Stars and party poker, as well as other infractions on the Cake Poker network.

Scott Tom & AJ Green aka POTRIPPER: Used software that allowed them to see users hole cards on the UB/Absolute Poker network. The account was called POTRIPPER.

Nick Niergarth aka gbmantis: Was caught multi-accounting at Full Tilt and Poker Stars in a scandal involving JJProdigy. Was also accused of collusion.

Brian Townsend aka sbrugby: He was a Full Tilt Poker pro until he was caught multi-accounting. He also admitted to multi-accounting on Poker Stars and has been accused of collusion as well.

Mark Teltscher aka TheV0id: Was accused of multi-accounting in the 2007 WCOOP held at poker stars.

Chris Vaughn aka BluffMagCV: Was involved in account selling scandal with Sorel Mizzi

Justin Bonomo aka ZeeJustin: Was caught multi-accounting on Poker Stars and Party Poker.

Live Poker Cheaters

Ali Tekintamgac: Was caught cheating on the Partouche Poker Tour by using “spotters” to signal him what cards other players had.

Kadir Karabulut: Was also caught using “spotters” at the Holland Casino Dom Classic in the Netherlands.